06 July 2018

Post 1

It's summer, and my foot is mostly healed... I need projects to do to keep me busy, and off my foot. Instead of my most recent experiment in the blog-sphere, I'm simplifying. All blogs rolled into one. And you may be asking, isn't that what you used to do? You'd be correct. Since I'm essentially having this conversation with myself, I'll go ahead and elaborate.
I started my first Blog blog in 2007. I kept it going for several years and it was more or less an online journal. No readers, just me and occasionally my parents. Then I thought I needed to be more specific with what my content was. I had several. It was too much. Then I got married and decided to re-brand... re-brand what? Not sure... but I did. Still too much, but the branding across the board was full of continuity. That lasted - not that long. Here we are now, years later. And I'm going back to the original One Blog to Rule them All thing. And it's going to be all over the place and probably not kept up frequently... But since I'm probably the only one going to read it, 'ts all good.

Until next time. I'll be working on widgets and layouts.

Maybe I'll put my Etsy shop back up.