10 July 2017

Whole Ceeyena: 10 - July - 2017

Whole Ceeyena: 10 - July - 2017: Wow! Almost 3 years since my last post... Here's an update: Since the last post hubs and I moved from Wisconsin to Indiana. Then I decided to go back to school... Read more HERE!

Tumblr: Soulmate Tattoos... Last Words.

"Everyone was always so excited to find out what theirs would say. I remember all of my friends in the days before their tenth birthdays chattering on about their great romances, and all the things our upbringings thus far had led us to believe was possible when you found your soulmate..." Read more HERE!

Ceeyena Inspired: I'm back after 2+ years.

Ceeyena Inspired: I'm back after 2+ years.: Not so recently; I decided that I would NOT be doing anything else creative with the purpose of financial gain in mind. NOTHING!... read more here!

21 April 2015

Ceeyena Inspired: Editing for sales!

 Find something else. :)Ceeyena Inspired: Editing for sales!: I'm so excited! Yesterday, someone purchased my Legend of Zelda inspired renaissance satchel! LOTS and LOTS of people liked it, but one ...

20 April 2015

Ceeyena Inspired: Revamping my Etsy process.

Ceeyena Inspired: Revamping my Etsy process.: In the interest of updating my Etsy shop and listings; I decided to go out on a limb recently. I rarely like to ask people for anything. I ...

10 April 2015

28 March 2015

Mrs Puese Laviathan: I can't figure out this button.

Mrs Puese Laviathan: I can't figure out this button.: I was told to add a Pintrest button to my images on my website today. So I used the widget builder and am none-the-wiser on how to actually ...

23 March 2015

04 February 2015

Les & Moore: 85

Les & Moore: 85: The next morning, life went on as normal. So after her morning chores, Les went out to the woods as she usually would. She made her way out...

20 January 2015

Les & Moore: 81

Les & Moore: 81: As she passed her brothers stand he yelled down at her. "Oy! Ye ferget sometin?" He laughed. Les didn't' see the humor in...

09 January 2015

Les & Moore: 70

Les & Moore: 70: The only thing that drew their attention from Les was when a tall woman stood from her seat. "Will you not help us?" She asked...

30 December 2014

Les & Moore: 61

Les & Moore: 61: Les sat there trying to take in everything Grant was saying. While he paused in thought she too, turned inward and mused on the things he s...

28 December 2014

Les & Moore: 59

Les & Moore: 59: "There had always been kings. But they didn't always rule. There was a time when the magical persons of the realm held and fought ...

21 December 2014

Les & Moore: 58

Les & Moore: 58: "Um, you're welcome." Les almost asked it. She was at that place again, where she didn't know what to ask first. "Wh...