17 October 2012

Van's Train of Thought...: The Engagement of my lifetime!

I know I haven't posted in a while, and I know this because I just realized that I haven't mentioned anything about my wedding! I haven't gushed, or (heads to the dictionary/thesaurus to find the right words) Blabbed, or Gibbered, or Jabbered, or Prattled, or Raved, or Spilled the Beans, or Squealed, or Talked Nonsensically about it at all yet here. As of September 28th, 2012, BF and I were officially engaged. We'd been discussing it for a long time and I finally asked him what we were waiting for. Neither of us could come up with a good enough reason for putting it off any longer, so we made a plan while we were in WI visiting. We went to the mall, stopped in at the Icing by Claire's and chose a style costume jewelery ring that we both like the looks of... To read on go HERE!!!


  1. I posted a really nice comment on your blog, but the Shtupid verify the characters crapola told me I was a robot after 9 trys. Maybe I'm just clueless!

    1. The comments on my other blog are moderated. Meaning they don't get posted until I approve them. It's there now. :D Thanks!!!

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