12 December 2012

Mrs Puese Laviathan: The Oil Cleansed Face is GOOD

I am no authority on the Oil Cleanse Method, I have only been doing it for three days. But I must say that I am sure that I will probably continue to enjoy its effects and benefits. If you're hoping for the technical and/or medicinal/health benefits and fact, then you've come to the wrong place. I am only here to share my experience. If you're in need of all that information you may want to try someplace like THIS or THIS or Google it or something.
From what I've come to understand through my own searching, most ladies don't do/use the Oil Cleanse every day, or if they do, it's only at night. I also came to expect that through this method, my face might become more oily than normal, until it balanced out from using face washes. Mine did not... To read on go HERE!!!

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