22 August 2012

Still for Sale: My Car - 2000 Ford Focus

So; my car is still for sale. I've had a few lookers, but mostly people of FB who want a steal for it because they "know" me or something. I do tell everyone that I'll accept offers, and I'm mostly counting on someone wanting to haggle for it. If I didn't have to list a price, I'd say make an offer for it. But I have to list it at a price. And I keep dropping that price, but still; no one wants to buy the damn thing. It's a good car. Good on Gas Mileage. It runs well, I got it tuned up right before I stopped driving. I have no place to go; so I don't see a reason for keeping a car (and paying for it) in the driveway for my "Ego" or sense of independence. *sigh* Anywho... My car is good, and I love it, and if you don't like it; don't make an offer. If you think it's only worth so much; make an offer and I'll consider it. I don't know that I can guarantee I'll accept it, but more likely than not I'll have to... We leave on the 10th of September, and it must be sold before then. I'm getting a little desperate.

If you are interested; contact me! via e-mail works. or go to the listing and gather my number.

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