30 November 2012

Gravity Brings Me Down: Day 147

My calculations may be off, but I believe that today; November 30th, 2012, is in fact Day 147 of my "Fitness Journey." Though I feel like a schlugg calling it that anymore. I have not been exercising at all. Also; with the recent tightness of our funds, combined with the ensuing holiday season, and the franticness of our impending living situation change; I have not been able to do much more than mooch food off of other household members and walk around the block when I have some time and/or I'm on the phone planning said franticness. With this humdrum of same old, same old, and the not so healthy dietary choices of those I have to mooch off of, I have stabilized and am now maintaining on the upper threshold of my normal size and weight. I am in my "fat pants" and they fit comfortably. Which in and of itself makes me uncomfortable... To read on go HERE!!!

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