30 November 2012

Mrs Puese Laviathan: I'm a Mrs' in my NEW BLOG!

I finally thought of a good way to transition my blog(s)... Ta-dah! Start a new one. My life with my new name with be with Puese... ergo; not only will I have his name, I will be spending life with him. He will become an intrical part of my web log writing and experiences. My fancy idea that solves all of my problems has been solved by the marrying of our two online personalities. His character (Puese) has a last name (Laviathan), where as my character (Ceeyena) does/did not. When we go to the point on SWTOR where I was able to choose my legacy name, he suggested I take his, and then it'd be kinda like we were married in the game. (Dawe!!!)... To read on go HERE!!!

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