06 November 2012

Van's Train of Thought...: Name Changing Blues

I have been thinking about this since long before we got engaged... it's going to be a real pain in my ass to change my name. Not just for legal reasons, but for personal reasons as well. I don't go by my first name, and haven't for at least 8 years. I go by a variation of my last name. That's my current last name. And I've always known that I would change my last name when I got married, but I never envisioned it being a last name that I disliked so much. So I, myself, am having trouble wrapping my head around not going by my current nickname anymore (which in and of itself is already a hassle to explain to people), and going back to my real first name (which people butcher so much, which caused me to go by my nickname in the first place)...To read on go HERE!!!

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