10 December 2012

Mrs Puese Laviathan: A Naturalistic Me

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I'm beginning to act like a quasi-hippy. That actually may not be the best way to describe it. Nonetheless, I am calling it that until I come up with a more suitable term. To help me define it better, it may help to describe the symptoms.
A few weeks back I started looking into hair care, to make my hair less frizzy and more... pretty. I found several qualified options to attempt to utilize, but I didn't stop looking. I actually started so much as changing my own personal hygiene rituals, as well as the products I was using. I can't say I'm super satisfied with the products, but people say it takes a few weeks for your hair to come to terms with the change, so I'm not giving up. I am, however, still finding ways to make the process a bit less expensive... To read on go HERE!!!

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