09 December 2012

Mrs Puese Laviathan: Stoic Stress and Fretting

Have you ever been at that place where deep down inside of you, there's a part of you that you know is freaking out. And you feel like you should be spazzing completely, but for some reason you're either blahseh or just resiliently calm? That's kind of where I am right now. I had all these strange and random realizations about future things that either are or aren't going to go well. I have made many a mental note to talk to Puese about such and such, or this and that. I have perused the internet for answers to my silent qualms. But still deep in the pit of my stomach, at the corner of the back of my brain, I'm screaming; "WHY ARE YOU ACTING SO CALM? You're blood is going to boil and your heart is going to mis-beat and pop out of your chest. You're tears will line the streets for days." But I'm not actually reacting... To read on go HERE!!!

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