31 December 2012

Mrs Puese Laviathan: A Yay! A Meh. and an Eh?

To get right into things; Christmas Eve - My hair looked good! I was super surprised since my hair's been unreasonably frizzy lately. So I decided to try something different. I used my wide tooth comb on my Apple Cider Vinegared hair and again on my wet hair. I think it was before I plopped it with my microfiber towel. I didn't even realize how it looked until I got home and was about to wash my face. Since then, I've only washed it once, and it didn't curl as nicely as on the 24th, it was a bit frizzier too, but it wasn't as frizzy as it had been. It was more or less "normal" frizzy for my hair... To read on go HERE!!!

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