29 January 2013

Ceeyena Inspired: Little Red Reversible Gray Purse

Yesterday I decided I wanted to try out a reversible purse idea I had a little while back. **I have a small leather purse that I use when it's not convenient to carry a purse, but I still need the extra pocket. It's large enough for sunglasses, cell phone, chap stick, cards and cash. Plus maybe a 5hr energy, depending on the reason for using the purse. Recently, I was all dressed up to go out, and I didn't have pockets, nor did I want to carry my big purple everyday purse. So I was left with this one, which wouldn't have been a big issue; but it didn't match. My small purse is green. Dark teal actually. Which doesn't go well with a black and red outfit... To read on go HERE!!!

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