15 January 2013

Whole Ceeyena: January 15th 2013

I admit, I was a bit irritated when I woke up this morning to the sounds of the TV. I desperately did not want the entire day to play out like yesterday. Then the power went out. Axure blew a fuse by using the dishwasher, toaster oven, 2 heaters, the xbox and the tv. Lord knows what else. It's not uncommon though, it's not an unheard of thing for the fuse to "blow" when it's cold outside. We have one space heater in our room, and that was on too. Nothing else was on, my phone wasn't even plugged in to charge. That ended Axure's time with the tv. He was however, still occupying the space. Which is to be expected. This is his house. He's most definitely allowed... To read on go HERE!!!

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